Brain in Action NSERC CREATE / IRTG Training Program

This initiative is funded by NSERC. We thank them for their support.

The Brain in Action CREATE program is an NSERC-funded research training partnership between Canadian members of CAPnet at York, Western, and Queens Universities, in partnership with members of the Perception and Action Group at Justus-Liebig-Universitat.Giessen (JLU), and Philipps-Universitat Marburg (UMR), Germany. Together, we form the Brain in Action International Research Training Group (IRTG), which involves both international instruction and international research exchange projects. The goal of this IRTG program is to pool our considerable resources to deepen our understanding of the neural systems and processes that underlie perception and action in everyday living. In addition, the Canadian program prepares trainees to apply this knowledge outside of the university setting, through research collaborations and internships with our non-Academic partners.

Detailed information about the international training team, research, annual retreat, lectures, and seminars can be found here

Additional Information about the Canadian Program

Program Requirements:

Trainees may participate in the program at the Masters, PhD, or Post-Doctoral Fellow level. The program term for Masters students and Post-Docs is 2 years, whereas PhD students are expected to spend 3 years in the program. PhD and Post-Doc trainees are required to complete a research project in Germany with one or more of our IRTG collaborators, and participate in a collaboration and /or internship with one of our non-academic partners (see list below). All trainees are expected to participate in weekly joint seminars/lectures and be exposed to international collaboration. All trainees are also expected to participate in our annual research retreat (alternating between Germany and Canada) and meetings with non-academic collaborators and advisors.

Financial Compensation:

For full program members. In addition to standard funding from university program sources and scholarships, student trainees will receive an annual stipend of $15,000.00/yr (PhD level) or $5,000.00/yr (Masters level) for participation in the program. Post-doctoral fellows will receive a salary of at least $50,000.00/yr to participate in the program. Travel and accommodation expenses for meetings, International Research Collaborations, and non-academic internsips will also be covered.


Affiliate trainees may participate in lectures, seminars, meetings, and collaborations but do not receive financial compensation from the NSERC CREATE grant.


Students and post-docs should first contact the Principal Investigator listed below and (where applicable) gain admittance to an appropriate graduate program under their supervision. Application forms (contact Janice D'Silva for the forms) should then be filled out in conjunction with the supervisor and e-mailed to the Brain in Action program assistant, Janice D'Silva (see contact information below).

Canadian Principal Investigators:

York University:

  • Robert Allison
  • Doug Crawford
  • Laurence Harris
  • Denise Henriques (Director)
  • Queens University:

  • Gunnar Blohm (Associate Director)
  • Doug Munoz
  • Niko Troje

  • Western University:

  • Brian Corneil
  • Jody Culham (Associate Director)
  • Mel Goodale

  • Canadian Academic Collaborators:

    Kathy Cullen (McGill University), Erik Cook (McGill University), Andrea Green (University of Montreal), Brian Corneil (Western University), Joseph DeSouza (York University), Lauren Sergio (York University), Mazyar Fallah (York University), Jennifer Steeves (York University), Julio Martinze-Trujillo (McGill University).

    Non-Academic Collaborators:

    Siemens Canada, IBM Canada, SR Research, Rouge Research Inc., BrainFx, HAS-Motion Inc., Northern Digital Inc., Blackberry, Leo Burnett Canada.

    Current Students:


    Bianca-Ruxandra Baltaretu, Maria Ayala, Meaghan McManus, Vishal Bharmauria, Chad Vachon, Jogjin Kim

    Janis Kan, Julia Morris, Siavash Eftekharifar, Jonathan Coutinho, Parisa Abedi Khoozani, Julia Morris, Ben Cuthbert

    Benedict Chang, Margarita Maltseva

    Current Students - Affiliates


    Debora Rabinovich, t Hart Bernard

    Sophie S. Kenny, Brian White

    Yoshiko Yabe

    News and Upcoming Events:

    York signs MOU with Germany at the 'Brain in Action' annual retreat
    2015 Annual Retreat: June 8 -11, Kingsbridge Centre (North of Toronto).

    For further information, contact:

    Janice D'Silva
    Brain in Action CREATE Program Coordinator
    York Centre for Vision Research -0003A Lassonde Building
    Phone: 416-736-2100 Ext.33723

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