The next CAPnet-CPS CAN-ACN Satellite Symposium

Toronto May 2019

May 2017

The CAPnet-CPS CAN-ACN Satellite Symposium was held in Montreal.

September 2016

After founding CAPnet and serving as director for the first six years, Professor Doug Crawford of York University, stepped down and Professor Jody Culham of Western University became the new director.

May 2016

CAPnet-CPS CAN-ACN Satellite Symposium: Action & Perception: Cognition, Coding and Clinical Populations

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  • National Coordinator

    Aarlenne Khan (U Montreal)
  • Steering Committee

    Craig Chapman (Alberta)
    Eric Cook (McGill)
    Doug Crawford (Founding Director, York)
    Jody Culham (Western)
    Trevor Drew (Montreal)
    Randy Flanagan (Queens)
    Claudia Gonzalez (Lethbridge)
    Mel Goodale (Western)
    Andrea Green (Montreal)
    Kurt Haas (UBC)
    Laurence Harris (York)
    Denise Henriques (York)
    John Kalaska (Montreal)
    Ravi Menon (Western)
    Doug Munoz (Queens)
    Steve Scott (Queens)
    Anthony Singhal (Alberta)
    Miriam Pai-Spering (UBC)
    Paul Van Donkelaar (UBC)
  • International Advisory Board

    Klaus-Peter Hoffman (Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum)
    Stephen Lisberger (University of California, San Francisco)
    Peter Strick (University of Pittsburgh)
    Daniel Wolpert (University of Cambridge)
    Bob Wurtz (National Institute of Health)

Member universities


Individual Members from A to Z
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Research & Training


CAPnet led to two successful NSERC Collaborative Research and Training Environment (CREATE) Grants from Canada’s Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)

    • The Brain in Action

    • Computational Approaches to Sensorimotor Transformations
      for the Control of Action